The Strange Story of MMS.

In-depth interview with Andreas Kalcker, talking about his life, career and all things Chlorine Dioxide.
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On Friday April 24th 2020 US President Donald Trump went before the cameras for his usual daily Coronavirus briefing. In his address, the President spoke of a number of medical treatments that he and his team were looking into. Among the ideas was the suggestion of “a disinfectant” that “could be injected” to clear the virus in a very short space of time. The press immediately went on the attack, dishonestly inferring that Trump had “recommended” injecting household disinfectants. The storm of ridicule raged across social media for the entire weekend and is still showing no signs of abating. But what exactly was the President talking about? The substance in question is a chemical called MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution. It is a mixture of chlorine dioxide – a very common and cheaply made gas, which is then dissolved in water and, according to the promoters of MMS, can then be safely swallowed and, in certain circumstances injected directly into the blood stream.

Donald Trump makes reference to MMS. Credit: Sky News Australia.

The story of MMS begins with the somewhat unlikely tale of a man named Jim Humble and his claims that you can cure practically any disease at home for just a few dollars – everything from hepatitis, malaria, HIV and AIDS, to typhoid, herpes and even cancer can be effectively treated and even cured, after following the instructions in his book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. The treatment consists of ingesting a specific dose of the activated chemical at hourly intervals until the illness has disappeared. Chlorine dioxide is a common chemical routinely used to sterilise meat, vegetables and medical equipment and is even added as a steriliser to tap and bottled water supplies in many areas of the world, including the USA and Europe. It is also used to disinfect donated blood used in transfusions – this has been mandatory since 1994. A very similar product is also now widely available over the counter in Hungary, called Solumium. It even won a top award, citing it as a local disinfectant, which can be used on the outer and inner surfaces of the body (on skin and wounds, or on mucous membranes of the body like mouth or throat), and can actually replace antibiotics in these applications. Its developer is an entirely credible, highly regarded expert in this field named  Professor Zoltan Noszticzius. The ingredients of Solumium? Chlorine dioxide and water.

Mechanism and Research Information for professionals on Chlorine Dioxide (CL02) Can Be Found here

Spanish Advertisement for Dioxiclean. The caption reads: Chlorine dioxide is the active ingredient of Dioxiclean and has no toxicity so it is even used for the cleaning and disinfection of human blood donations.

MMS can be made by mixing Sodium Chlorite (Chlorite with a “t” not a “d”) with a food grade acid, such as citric acid, or heavily diluted hydrochloric acid (4%). Instructions on this process are very specific and should be followed very carefully! The Chlorine dioxide gas released is harmful if breathed in and therefore should not be inhaled! At the bottom of this page is a Skype interview with Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, a German biophysicist now living and working in Switzerland. He’s been an exponent of MMS and perhaps more specifically CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) for around thirteen years. CDS is a specially prepared version of MMS which Kalcker and others claim can indeed be injected into the body under certain circumstances. However, he warns that this should ONLY be done in exceptional circumstances and by qualified medical professionals.

Kalcker, a former sound engineer discovered MMS after suffering crippling arthritis of the hands. He found a cure in MMS after discovering Humble’s book and following the protocols inside. Following this success, he decided to devote his time to perfecting CDS and to securing as much evidence for its effectiveness as he could find. The result is an impressive body of work stemming from a dedication which has withstood many character assassinations and career setbacks due to the highly controversial nature of this technology. His work can be found here: along with his book Forbidden Health – Incurable Was Yesterday.

More from Andreas Kalcker here: (Copy and Paste)

But it all sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? A Cheap and readily available chemical that can be made at home by individuals or in bulk by the local pharmacist, that kills virtually all pathogens cheaply and safely?! So, what’s the evidence for its effectiveness and indeed its safety? A brief internet search brings up a host of negative press from an array of sources, from irate individuals, to publications such as The Guardian newspaper. This article from 2010 by Martin Robbins is fairly resolute to say the least. The Wikipedia page for MMS is equally damning. And they’re not the only ones either. Indeed, a brief search of the internet for information on MMS will turn up one shock horror claim after another. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration in the USA) issued a stark warning about MMS some years ago and following Trump’s recent press conference, their position has been re-affirmed. The Autism Research Institute also issued a warning. And yet, in recent years many hundreds of testimonials citing positive effects of MMS have been removed form the web almost entirely. Some have re-emerged on lesser known platforms such as Brighteon. In fact, until recently, the top of this page had an embedded youtube video of actress Lindsay Wagner, who played ‘The Bionic Woman’ back in the 1970s television show of the same name. The video has been removed by Youtube and then again subsequently by Vimeo. Since this video is an unedited ABC News package, its removal seems quite bizarre! Wagner claims in the video that, after all traditional medicines had failed, she was finally cured of a very nasty and debilitating case of hives using MMS protocols. Whilst making it clear she was not recommending MMS to anyone, she was convinced it had worked for her, personally. But after years of suffering, her recovery had taken only a few days. There’s even a growing movement of people who claim to have cured a number of young children of Autism using MMS. This has proved to be highly controversial and will be covered in a future SPINEAPSE post.

…digging deeper, as always, starts to reveal a very different story

The discoverer of this ‘miracle’, the aforementioned Jim Humble, is without doubt a fascinating character. A former geologist and gold prospector, Humble is now well into his eighties. He claims to have discovered the origins of MMS in 1996, whilst out prospecting for gold in the jungles of Guyana, in South America. His job, it seems was to study land formations in order to assess the probability of gold being located there. To do this, he travelled with an amount of heavy equipment along with the necessary personnel required to transport it. During one particular adventure, two of his crew became ill with malaria, and having no other medical supplies with him (apparently malaria is rare in that particular area) he offered the two men ‘stabilised oxygen’ – a common water purifier readily available at most health food stores. The two men agreed, and drank it. According to Humble, the men quickly recovered and were able to carry on with their duties. After returning to the US, Humble got to work establishing exactly how this had happened and identifying which ingredient in the stabilised oxygen had “cured” the two men. Further research led Humble to believe that chlorine dioxide had been the active ingredient.

Humble self publishes his books and sells them over the internet from his own ‘Church’ website (These, along with Kalcker’s books were formerly available on Amazon but have now been removed). Jim, along with his right hand man – former missionary pilot Mark Grenon, hit upon the idea of launching a new church within which the MMS movement could operate. The two men then established the ‘Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing’ in 2010. The church was inspired by a bible verse at the suggestion of Grenon and Jim agreed it was a good idea in a spiritual sense, as well as being a good tactical move. Humble claims to have tested the solution on himself, before offering it to friends, family members and anyone else who volunteered. However, under US law (and UK law for that matter) it’s illegal to claim any health benefits or cures without first having had the substance in question put through the appropriate medical trials and tests for safety and effectiveness. A church however, is not subject to the same laws as a secular organisation. A “prescription” from the medical establishment becomes a “sacrament” from a church, and therefore, the administering or recommendation of a sacrament is a religious matter, and does not infringe on current secular laws.

…the problem with MMS is that its just too good to ignore and certainly too promising to disregard purely because of our own fears and prejudices

But it all seems a bit… Well, weird… Doesn’t it? Well, yes, it does. But the problem with MMS is that potentially, it is just too good to ignore and certainly too promising to disregard purely because of our own fears and prejudices. The usual knee-jerk objection to MMS is that it is “bleach” – the word touted whenever and wherever the substance is mentioned. This article, again from the Guardian mentions the word eleven times! Bleach, as the average person would understand it, is something to be put down the toilet, not mixed with water and swallowed! And they’d be entirely correct of course. But although undiluted chlorine dioxide is used, amongst other things, to bleach paper and to sterilise meat and medical equipment in heavy industry, it is not actually bleach as most people understand it. Bleach is made from hyper chlorite, not the regular chlorite as used to produce MMS, so it is actually a different chemical. And in any case, water is by far the major ingredient of MMS by volume, so therefore undiluted chlorine dioxide is not MMS, it is a different substance.

We’ve all known someone who’s died from some horrible disease, many of us have had to watch helplessly as a loved one has been slowly and cruelly taken from us – the agony of not being able to do anything to help can stay with us for a lifetime. The current Coronavirus pandemic has worsened this situation and without a solution currently anywhere in sight, it is perhaps time we started to look at alternatives to the current – exclusively, allopathic approach.

All this said, the last thing we want to do is encourage people to stop using the treatments prescribed to them by qualified doctors

To date, there is no evidence that anyone has died as a result of taking this treatment and in the time its taken me to write this post, it’s estimated that around 30 people have died in the USA alone from properly prescribed and correctly taken prescription drugs. This figure doesn’t include overdoses, mistakes in wrongly prescribed drugs, or mistakes by patients in taking them. This figure, which equates to around 100,000 people each year in the USA alone, is the death rate purely from side-effects – nothing else. In this regard alone, it seems reasonable to think that trying this stuff might not be ‘weird’ or ‘crazy’ after all – especially since there is no credible recorded case of anyone ever dying from chlorine dioxide poisoning. The benefits demonstrated time and again through the empirical evidence would seem to far outweigh any perceived risk, especially since extensive human and animal safety testing has already been carried out. Couple this with the fact that chlorine dioxide is routinely used to sterilise tap water and blood donations and the “deadly bleach” stories starts to fall down rather rapidly.

Having said this, the last thing we want to do is encourage people to stop using the treatments prescribed to them by qualified doctors. Whilst it’s tempting to be drawn into something which seems to offer hope where formerly there was little or none, its vital to remain impartial and to look solely at the facts. This post is not a recommendation for MMS, it is intended to draw attention to the available facts and to propose an objective, unbiased review of an emerging technology.

…since the earth is not yet covered in bleach soaked corpses, it seems reasonable to assume that it is, at least in the short term, safe to use

It’s now more than twenty years since Jim Humble made his discovery and as more and more people around the world are embracing this technique, it would appear that MMS should now be objectively reevaluated. A vaccine for coronavirus is still months away, and will not necessarily protect against future mutations. Perhaps then, a continued failure to test this method may be an oversight we can ill afford. Whilst there can be no doubt that there are many unscrupulous individuals out there selling and profiting from a wide array of snake oils and cure-alls, we simply cannot afford to throw the baby out with the proverbial bathwater. It’s estimated that over a million people worldwide have now used MMS, and since the earth is not yet covered in bleach soaked corpses, it seems reasonable to assume that it is, at least in the short term, safe to use. Cancer, Hepatitis, malaria, HIV and so many more diseases remain largely ‘incurable’ by traditional allopathic medicine. So don’t the sufferers of these chronic diseases deserve a shot at something outside the mainstream ‘pharma’ network? Don’t we owe it to ourselves and to future generations to at least find out for sure if this stuff is safe to use and ultimately, if it really does work? With medical trials for new drugs costing many millions of dollars, it’s unsurprising that drug companies refuse to test something that could potentially put them largely out of business. In 2019, Donald Trump passed the “Right to Try” act into US law, giving terminally ill patients access to experimental therapies that have already passed stage 1 testing, but have not yet been officially approved. This being the case, perhaps it is only a matter of time before MMS finally gets its day in court.


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Skype Call with Andreas Ludwig Kalcker.

Skype call with Andreas Ludwig Kalcker during Covid19 pandemic.


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