In the summer of 2017, a mass meditation took place in the Old Market Square in the centre of Nottingham, in the United Kingdom. The event attracted around five hundred or so people from across the region. The head of the Nottingham Buddhist Centre; Ariavercin, attended the event, along with a number of guests and proteges from farther afield. Meditation Teacher, writer and founder of the McLean Meditation Centre in Sedona Arizona, USA, Sarah McLean lead the mass meditation. She also gave Spineapse an enlightening interview on all things meditative. The amazingly insightful and utterly fascinating Professor Margaret Glenn also attended.  Coordinator of the Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counselling program at West Virginia University, USA, Dr. Glenn shared with us how she incorporates meditation into her professional and her personal life. Our shared book addiction led to a discussion about bibliotherapy – the increasingly popular practice of ‘prescribing’ specific books for certain mental health conditions. The discussion lead to an interview which spanned almost forty minutes! We’ll try to put that up in its entirety at some point in the future! Until then, please enjoy the wisdom shared, and the hope created on this very special day.


Nottingham Buddhist Centre

McLean Meditation Center

Dr. Margaret Glenn