If you’ve ever seen Network Chiropractic (or Network Spinal Analysis as it’s also know) being administered, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you were watching a second rate magic act. The founder of NSA is one Donny Epstein, a veteran New York Chiropractor who looks more like a used car salesman than a doctor. Taking aspects of traditional chiropractic techniques and combining them with his own innovations, Epstein developed the practice back in 1982. Alongside another of his innovative treatments; “Somato Respiratory Integration”, Donny aspires to “achieving both what spiritual traditions promise and modern science proposes”. A bold statement perhaps, but before your ‘quackery’ alarm bells compel you to click over to something else, it has to be recognised that, in recent years Donny has made significant progress in bringing his techniques to the fore. NSA has also garnered some highly influential – and credible exponents of the practice. Perhaps the most high profile of these being Life Coach and gazillionaire Tony Robbins.

The proceedure appears to initiate a kind of physiological ‘reset’ within the body…

Its hard to assess the authenticity of alternative health techniques from watching youtube videos at the best of times and videos shot with rather low production values, often do nothing to add credibility to their content. Thats why its so significant that a giant of the self help crowd (or ‘Life and Business Strategist’ as Tony prefers these days) has lent his name and reputation to this practice. There’s also the brilliant and often hilarious Coach Corey Wayne from understandingrelationships.com who often talks of the huge benefits of NSA and how it can facilitate positive change to practically all aspects of your life.

The proceedure appears to initiate a kind of physiological ‘reset’ within the body. Only very light touches from the practitioner initiate a succession of contractions, or ‘waves’ of the spine and neck, which appear to be largely instinctive, operating outside the persons conscious movements. This allegedly has the effect of purging long held stress and emotional tension from the body. Epstein argues that emotional turmoil, anxiety and stress are physically stored in the areas of the neck and back, acting as a kind of defence mechinism. He tells us that the reason many people develop a stoop in later life is because of the body closing in, protecting itself from perceived past and present dangers and emotional traumas. Since we know that our posture and movements have a direct effect on our psychology, it then starts to make sense that removing these internalised emotions would undoubtedly prove beneficial, regardless of how that may be achieved.

As always in these matters, the jury remains out – at least until that first hand experience has taken place. But like so many other alternative health therapies – MMS, Ozone Therapy, Naltrexone, LDN etc etc, the proof of the pudding seems to lay firmly in the tasting i.e. in the empirical evidence of the people who’ve actually used it. The internet – and perhaps more specifically Youtube have given voice to many unfortunate individuals who have sought, sometimes through sheer desperation, the hope of alternative health therapies. Thankfully – and sometimes miraculously, many seem to have managed to save their own lives as a direct result. Well, if nothing else, this particular treatment looks to be safe; the nature of the practice involves very little physical manipulation and so would probably appeal to the more cautious among us. If you’ve tried this treatment yourself then please leave a comment telling us about your experiences and / or the benefits you recieved. As Coach Corey Wayne so often reminds us; “you have to take part in your own rescue”. Who knows, maybe your rescue starts here…


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